AGRIMAC TH-350 (3500kgs Capacity)

The TH-350 forklift truck is a 4x4 model for industrial use. It lifts 3500kgs to a height of 6 metres. It is fitted with a 4 cylinder Deutz engine that produces 65HP

and a top speed of 24 km/h.


Front end options & measurements

Agrimac TW-350 Manual
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TYPE:      Diesel, 4 cylinders, direct injection, air/oil-cooled.

MAKE:     Deutz

MODEL:   D2011L04i  CAPACITY:  3619 cc.

POWER:  36.4kw @2500 rpm (50CV) 97/68/CE



2WD: Constant traction on front axle

4WD: Constant traction on four  wheel drive with electro-hydraulic disconnection on the rear wheels.


TRANSMISSION  Hydrostatic automotive with variable flow pump, and motor of fixed flow. Automatic torque regulator. Forward-Reverse controlled by electrical switch.


Progressive automatic travel speeds. Slow approaching system by “Inching” pedal. Front axle with multi-disc brakes in oil bath assembled before reduction.


SPEEDS  0-24 Km/h




STEERING  Hydrostatic, steering, orbitrol LS system ,with priority value. Steering cylinder with double rod, integrated on the directional axle. Pressure 11O bar


TURNING CIRCLE   Outer: 4.250mm  Inner: 1,800mm


SERVICE BRAKE Double service brake system: Hydrostatic on the four wheels through the transmission and multidisc type running in oil acting hydraulically by pedal, on the front axle, or in the both axles in option.


WHEELS 4WD: (TH-250) 4WD: (TH-300/ TH-350)2WD

4 Same wheels 11,5/80-15,3114 Plg)

4 same wheels:12,5180 -18114 Plg) Fronts: 11,5/80- 15,3114 Plg) Rear: 9,00-16(10 PR).

HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT Gear pump,max flow of 38 L/min. Pressure 180 bar. Mast leveling by joystic system. independent lever for auxiliary services. Controlled descent checkvalve and pitch compensating valve. Hydraulic oil filter with blocked filter indicator. Hydraulic oil temperature control.



Alternator: 60 Amp.

Battery: 12V - 120 Ah.

Lighting and signalling according to the prevailing regulations. Reverse and beacon acoustic signal.