Finance Options

Mobitech Lift Trucks has enlisted the services of several leading finance houses in the UK.

Being specialist's in our industry, they all have a wealth of knowledge in materials handling equipment financing.


Whether you need to finance new or used equipment,

we can seek contract hire and lease purchase finance clearance on your behalf

and find you the very best rates available.


Regulated and licenced by the FCA 679050, we make no profit from seeking finance approval for you,

this is just a service we have always provided.


Some finance methods are more tax-efficient and cost effective than others

a lot is dependent upon individual company circumstances, tax strategies and cash-flow requirements.


Please see below how a finance arrangement may assist your company.

Typical benefits can include: 

• Preservation of cash

 (Which can often be better invested)
• Simple budgeting with fixed payments
• Attractive tax treatment

• (Capital allowances or 100% offset of rentals)
• Leaves banking arrangements undisturbed
• Ownership, lease or rental options
• Easy to set up, subject to credit clearance. 




Contract Hire:

(Also referred to as Rental or Contract Rental)

With a Contract Hire agreement,

the equipment user selects the equipment they require.

A hire agreement is arranged via a finance company (subject to credit clearance), over a period of 2 to 7 years.

The agreement normally includes the maintenance and servicing of the equipment, which is structured on the utilisation of the equipment and site conditions.

At the end of the term the equipment is returned to Mobitech.

A “Continuation of Hire” can usually be agreed if continued use of the asset is required. 100% of rentals paid can normally be offset against taxable profits




Hire Purchase:

(Also referred to as Lease Purchase)

With a Hire Purchase agreement, the equipment user selects the equipment they require and negotiates the price with Mobitech.

A finance company will quote the equipment user a fixed rate Hire Purchase payment, normally over a period of two to five years.

The equipment user owns the asset at the end of the term subject to payment of an option to purchase fee.

However, the equipment user treats the asset as if it belonged to them from the outset and claims any capital allowances available. Service and maintenance agreements are arranged separately with Mobitech Lift Trucks.

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