AGRIMAC TW21 (2000kgs Capacity)

The TW21 forklift truck is a 50HP, wheel motors model with a 2000kgs lifting capacity. Its design represents a technological breakthrough over its predecessor the TH-210.

The implementation of hydraulic wheel motors technology provides notable advantages.

Front end options & measurements

Agrimac TW21 Manual
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TYPE:      Diesel,4 cylinders, indirect injection, water-cooled. MAKE:     Perkins

MODEL:   404 D-22  CAPACITY:  2200 cc.

POWER:  36.5kw @2800 rpm (50CV) 143 Nm


TRACTION TW 21-4  Permanent on 4 wheels.


TRANSMISSION  Hydrostatic transmission with variable flow pump and automotive torque regulator. Forward and reverse controlled electrically with epicicloidal reductions. 


SPEEDS Slow = 0-12Km/h  Fast = 0-24 Km/h




STEERING Hydraulic steering, Orbitrol LS system, with double rod cylinder, integrated in the rear differential beam.


TURNING CIRCLE   Outer: 3.985mm  Inner: 2.585mm


SERVICE BRAKE Double service brake system. Hydrostatic on the wheels motors. Drum brakes with hydraulic actioning on front wheel motors.


PARKING BRAKE Negative brake, with independent system, acting on multiple disk on front wheel motors. Electrohydraulic actioning by button and starter key.


WHEELS TW21 Front: 11.50/80-15,3  Rear:10.5/75-15.3 (8PR)


HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT Gear pump, max flow 45 L/min with priority valve for steering. Joystick mast movement control. lndependent auxiliary accessories control. Regulator valve for the mast lowering speed and drop valve. Mast inclination compensating valve with light indicator. lmmersed oils filter. Oil level indicating rod. Working pressure: 140 - 160 bar.


ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT Alternator: 12V Battery: 12V - 44 AH Reverse and beacon acoustic signal