Hyster H5.00XL G005A Used Parts

Type: Counterbalance
Model:  H5.00XL
Serial No:  G005A05689T
Nominal Capacity:  5000kgs
Power:  Diesel
Mast Type:  Duplex Clear view
Lift Height:  
Lowered Height:  
Attachment Type:  Sideshift
Fork Length:  
Year:  1996


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Used parts that have already been sold from this machine

Quantity  Parts already sold
  1   Engine seized
 1 Sideshift 
 2       Steering stub axles
 1       Exhaust manifold, down pipe & flexi
      Starter motor
     Forward Solenoid

     Reverse Solonoid

 1 LH mast pipe from bottom of lift ram to carriage tpiece  (part number 373268)

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